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1952 CESSNA LC-126C

Military S/N 51-7014, Civilian S/N 7857

Civilian Designation C-195

Owner: Bruce & Cheri Norris

Home Base: Frontier Airpark, WN53 Lake Stevens, WA


 Military Service: US Navy – Office of Naval Research, Alaska

 April 19, 1960 - Assigned civilian registration N8660E  


1960- Bailee by Arctic Research Laboratory, operated by University of Alaska, under contract with Office of Naval Research, Point Barrow, AK.

1972 -  US Navy Department ONR (Naval Artic Research Laboratory) sells aircraft to Ivan A. Solheim of Anchorage Alaska  




1981 Ivan sells aircraft to Lee Hotchkiss of Bethel Alaska
1981 Lee changes registration number to N195LS
1986 Lee sells aircraft to Martin Litton.
1986 to 2004 Martin restores aircraft.
2004 Martin changes registration number to N195SE


 Bruce Norris purchases aircraft from Martin.  


The United States armed forces purchased 83 LC-126 aircraft from Cessna between 1950 and 1952.  The Army received 63 and the National Guard 5 aircraft. These were used in artillery spotting and liaison roles.

The United States Air Force purchased 15 airplanes which were used primarily for arctic rescue; they were equipped with floats or ski-type landing gear. 

A large cargo door on the right side, and a pop open hatch on the left side, distinguishes the LC-126 from the civilian 195.